BMW Side Car Event at Hickory Glen

Every year, Snoopy and his motorcycle group come to Hickory Glen to give our residents a ride in their BMW Motorcycle Sidecars. This year, we were fortunate enough to have Hellar Armbruster bring his BMW bike and sidecar to Hickory Glen where over 15 residents were given the chance to take the ride of a lifetime! Hellar Armbruster is a part of the Springfield Milers, which is local bike club that formed in 1981. They have on average between 70 and 80 members who meet once a month. During the summer months (April-October) they try to have their meeting out of town so they can all ride together.


Our residents love this event and it brings a lot of joy to their faces to see each other riding in the sidecar as well. Jean L. said “I loved it. I took motorcycle lessons but I had never ridden in a sidecar before. I enjoyed showing Hellar’s wife and kids around our community while he was given the other residents their rides.” Our residents enjoyed an ice cream social in the midst of riding in the sidecar. “It was fantastic! He drove fast and I told him he was going to get a ticket, but I loved it and I would do it again,” said Rhoda A. Mr. Armbruster took our residents around the block and then came back to give the next one their ride. Phyllis S. said “It was a very free feeling… I’ve never felt so free before in my life!” We sure hope that we can get the Springfield Milers to come to Hickory Glen next year because of the joy and happiness they bring to all of us! THANK YOU

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