A Pension Program YOU may qualify to Receive!

A Place for Mom (APFM) reports that over 40% of the families they refer who move into senior living communities are veterans or spouses of veterans. They plead to senior communities to not only market to veterans, but to provide the resources necessary to help families with their search. APFM finds that “prior to speaking with APFM, 70% of families are not aware of the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit that can help pay for senior living.” There are so many different resources available to veterans and it is crucial that families seek out the appropriate contacts to find these resources. “It’s imperative that veteran families start planning for senior living as soon as possible so they can take advantage of the A&A Pension while it’s still more widely accessible,” said Kaylin Gilkey, senior manager at VeteranAid.org. “With the proposed changes anticipated to go into effect as early as next year, proactive planning can make the difference between a veteran and their spouse living in a high-quality assisted living facility or struggling to pay for basic care costs in the future.” The Department of Veterans Affairs looks at current income, assets, and expenses when they apply, however with the new change that could come as early as 2017 will consider the applicant’s financial history over the past three years to determine whether they are eligible for the pension. This means that people who may currently be qualified for the pension may be disqualified under the new regulations.

The benefits that you attain from the VA Pension Program can potentially help you live at Hickory Glen. The money that you receive is yours to do with what you wish.

APFM has written a great guide explaining veteran’s benefits that we strongly encourage you to review – please see this link http://web28.streamhoster.com/apfmdev/apfm_ebook_veterans-guide_final.pdf. If you have any questions regarding VA Benefits or whether you are eligible, you should contact www.VeteranAid.org, www.aplaceformom.com, or you can give us a call at 217-793-0431!



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